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Family Protection0June 26, 2018Details
prayer0June 23, 2018Details
i need the power of God0June 5, 2018Details
Past prayer items (N.K concentration camp) 0May 2, 2018Details
Concentration camps of North Korea 3 0May 2, 2018Details
Please Pray For Me1April 20, 2018Details


Frank Okolo
Greetings in the name of our LORD and MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST to my beloved Christian family. In solemnity we are asking for a Prayer Of Intercession being brought upon JEHOVAH thrown of Grace and Mercy. Our names are: Frank Okolo Roman Savoie Dawnia Wade Gabriel Haynes Rachelle Hester Savoie Lesley Green Nabil Mensah and the Team Chris Dean The prayer requests are as follows: - Divine strength to keep striving in truth and in spirit with sound doctrine to finish strong in JESUS CHRIST. - Divine health for everyone of us. - Inner healing and deliverance against the wiles of the enemies. - Cancellation of generational curses and jinx. - Broken of ancestral covenants and vows with the kingdom of darkness. - Guidance and protection against attacks of the enemies. - Angelic support. - Boldness in JESUS CHRIST that cast away fear. - Financial breakthrough and prosperity. - Divine favour and intervention for food distribution project called Tasttlig and Sober Living House Project. - Using this project to glorify JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY IN JESUS CHRIST VICTORIOUS NAME! and to evangelize for the salvation of souls. - Let the garment of favours cover us, helpers to locate us and many great people shall be willing to be part of this upcoming project as we introduce it to them for financial support and other resources. - We would be blessed with all fruits and gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT for HIS glory. - Deliverance against persecutions. - Deliverance against unclean spirits. - Blessing for a lifetime spouses for those who are still single. GOD ALMIGHTY shall continually strengthens you all for HIS Kingdom Works IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY POWERFUL CONQUEROR VICTORIOUS GRACIOUS MERCIFUL NAME! ALLELUIA FOREVER AND EVER AMEN... We are wholeheartedly grateful. Thank you very much. Remain blessed!

Family Protection

Dave Nagai
Please pray for the family protectuon, our gabbage has been stolen for many years with full of praivate data inside and has been misused diabolically, also hacking ( Priverb 6-16 Stir up realtionships in any location are forbidden in bible). A happy July the 4th !!!!


li cross
Not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.

i need the power of God

pirfa wilfred kumbin
Dear great men and women of God, i greet you in the Lords name. please pray to God for His anointing fire to rest upon my spirit. i really need to be praying in the spirit, pray for the fire of prophet Elijah to rest upon my spirit. thank you

Past prayer items (N.K concentration camp)

Concentration camp *Pregnant women, fetuses, small children *Disables in 49th ward *Chemical,nuclear human experimentation *Summary execution&public execution *Prisoners using as surgery&martial art training toy *Praying for each torture (water,pigeon,solitary cell etc.) North Korean territory *Orphans of North Korea *North Korean territory's rural people Defectors in China

Concentration camps of North Korea 3

May I request third prayer request for North Korea? As prayer item for North Korea I think this is the last one.Generally I pray for North Korea for 1.For inside concentration camp 2.North Korean territory rural people (For except Pyongyang all North Korean's facing severe malnutrition,disease) 3.For defectors(Escapees of North Korea) in China (Almost all the defectors via China) 4.Defectors in third country.(Myanmar,Laos,Vietnam from there they also suffer human trafficking) after few years time. And I'd like request prayer for defectors in China in this time. 1.Defectors in China There are 300 thousand female defectors in China (only count for women,may estimate double if we count whole number). For they sell themselves human trafficking or related area,(which is their only choice left for them) added 'organ harvesting',animal treatment,violence,beating,flogging,rape etc. 2.One who are suffering each torture (inside concentration camp) Would you please pray for whom are suffering solitary cell,water torture,whipping,violence,pigeon torture,electrical torture in concentration camp, (For each torture's explanation ,previous ( video or google image search (e.g.concentration camp bicycle torture etc.)) 3.Outside concentration camp,rural people Seriousness of poverty of rural people 'human flesh' are used, mutual surveillance is horrible ((one of seven household planted secret police), Everyday whole North Korean territory imply 'self-criticism'????; When hour of self criticism, Found any attitude not full of royalty for, regime and communism they (plus 3 generations) are sent to concentration camp.Please pray for in environment of without electricity and medicine,sanitation, people are dying severe malnutrition and disease now. May LORD help those suffering malnutrition,pilagra,hepatitis,pneumonia,stomach disease, frostbite, mental disorder .especially malnutrition which is most people dying. And If I could add one small hope,may our prayers concentrated on pregnant women,disables in concentration camp and 49th ward.(For they are suffering most hard time)I send a list of last time's prayer items for those I mentioned last time. For further information,researching data you may find Journal,articles about North Korea and concentration camp,google image concentration camp,Youtube documentaries and rescuing defectors,(Though sometime I really want to express that some informations curtail the real number of North Korea. I request until here,thanks your for your heart and prayer for North Korea. Address : ..801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,South Korea Phone : 82-70-8258-4660

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.